La PAAC participa a Live Online Dialogue a Brussel·les

Culture Action Europe ens ha convidat a participar al debat en línia a Brussel·les amb els membres del Parlament Europeu (els actuals i les i els candidatxs) de cara a les eleccions europees.
La PAAC intervindrà en l’apartat sobre condicions laborals:
LABOUR AND WORKING CONDITIONS / FUTURE OF WORK: work forever, for free, for love?
The nature of work is mutating. As a result of extreme externalisation and freelancing, the gig economy, employment practices in the new platform capitalism, have led to growing inequality. The cultural sector has pioneered many unsustainable working practices and cultural workers have been at the avant-garde for a precariousness now reaching other sectors. Work based on passion is not work, some say, and hence, should not be remunerated. Welfare states remain national while we observe growing cross-national mobility, and new digital, decentralised working patterns facilitated by digital global monopolies. This generates a gap not yet addressed. What can be done?

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